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Sustainable Finance:
Manage Risk, Discover Opportunities.

Decarbonize portfolios, invest sustainably, manage climate risks, and optimize ESG metrics with the StepChange Net Zero Navigator.


Net Zero Navigator
Tools for Sustainable Finance

The financial sector plays a critical role in empowering the transition to a sustainable global economy. As the world grapples with the urgent challenge of climate change, financial institutions are being called upon to assess their environmental impact, manage climate risks, and integrate sustainability considerations into their decision-making processes.

The StepChange NetZero Navigator is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to address this very need. This powerful platform offers a variety of features powered by three core modules (Financed Emissions, Climate Risk, ESG Scorecard) that empower financial institutions to navigate the transition to a net-zero economy with confidence and clarity.

Net Zero Navigator
Core Modules


Financed Emissions

Analyze the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your portfolio of loans & investments.

climate-change (2).png

Climate Risk

Assesses & manage the vulnerability of your portfolio to the physical and transitional climate risks.


ESG Scorecard

Evaluate, analyze, and improve the ESG performance of your portfolio companies.

NetZero Navigator
Financed Emissions Module

Measure, manage, and reduce the carbon footprint of your financial portfolio. Analyze the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your loans, investments, and other financial activities using international best-practices.


Quantify Emissions
with robust methodologies to understand the Scope 1-3 emissions generated by the activities of your portfolio companies.

Calculate Carbon Intensities 
across different types of loan / investment classifications to identify an heat-map high priority sectors and asset classes 


Benchmark & Track
your portfolio's footprint against industry standards and stay on top of new regulatory guidance around disclosures.

Set Science-Based Targets
to future-proof your portfolio against transition risks and support the decarbonization of your portfolio companies.


Allocate Capital Strategically
in a manner that favors companies with strong sustainability practices and induces carbon-intensive companies to transition.

Engage Proactively
with portfolio companies to encourage sustainable practices and make real progress towards their decarbonization goals.

Financed Emissions Module



Loan Amount (in CRs)


Emissions S1 + S2 (tCO2e)


Emissions S3 (tCO2e)


Total Financed Emissions

Scope 3

Scope 1 + 2


Financed Emissions By Intensity

April 23

May 23

June 23

Updated As On: 12-04-2024

The Net Zero Navigator offers a suite of technology solutions to effectively measure, analyze, manage, and reduce your financed emissions, safeguarding your portfolio's long-term performance, while empowering your to contribute to a more sustainable future.

NetZero Navigator
Climate Risk Module

Assess, adapt, and thrive in a world increasingly impacted by climate change. Analyze the vulnerability of your financial portfolio to the physical and transitional risks associated with climate disruptions. Stress-test your portfolio across different scenarios and integrate a climate-risk lens into your risk management processes.

Climate Risk Module



Loan Amount (in CRs)


Risk Grade


ESG Score


Avoided Emissions


Total Risk Score


Total Risk Score


Transitional Risk Score


Physical Risk


Emissions S1 + S2
by Category (tCO2e)







Updated As On: 12-04-2024


Identify Climate Risks
across assets & sectors in your portfolio using best-practice methodologies.

Map Vulnerabilities 
across your portfolio in order to prioritize risk management and adaptation efforts.


Allocate Capital 
to minimize exposure to high-risk sectors and asset types, while maximizing opportunities.

Manage Risks
by proactively implementing measures & metrics into the portfolio management strategy.


Identify Opportunities
in renewables, green infrastructure, adaptation and transition finance.

Attract Capital
by demonstrating an ability to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the new economy.

The Net Zero Navigator offers targeted tools to assess, adapt, and refine BFSI investment and lending strategies in manner that aligns with climate-related risks, safeguarding portfolio value while unlocking new opportunities to contribute to a more resilient global economy.

A BFSI-specific technology stack with highly secure
On-Prem & Cloud Solutions

Science-Based Tools for Decision-Making 

Our tools leverage the latest scientific research and are developed by a team of sustainable finance experts and climate scientists. The underlying models are data-driven, validated, and aligned with global sustainability standards.

Ecosystem Expertise & Regulatory Guidance

The StepChange team is embedded within an ecosystem of industry, academic & governmental partnerships, allowing us to provide the practical best-in-class guidance required to meet regulations & start your sustainability journey.

Scalable & Customizable Platform

The platform adapts to your organization's existing technology infrastructure and needs. With both cloud and on-prem versions, the Net Zero navigator suite is designed to maximize flexibility & minimize integration time.

Analyze, Report & Disclose across 
International Standards! 







Take Charge of your Operational & Portfolio Sustainability 

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