Take A Small Step.
A Big Change.

StepChange helps you live a more sustainable life. Calculate and track your sustainability score, unlock personalised steps to reduce your impact, and earn real trees as rewards for meeting your goals!


Meet StepChange

the app that helps you live sustainably

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Track Your Impact

StepChange uses sophisticated data analytics and science-based methods to track and evaluate your environmental impact.

You can monitor your progress and see where you stand against your peers using your personalised sustainability score!

Reduce Your Footprint

Our sustainability engine recommends actionable steps that help you reduce your environmental footprint and create positive impact.

Every suggested step is personalised to your lifestyle, empowering you to put together the right mix of solutions that work for you!

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Earn Trees as Rewards

Each time you meet a personal target on the app, we plant a real tree on your behalf, magnifying the impact of your sustainable choices!


Visit your trees in person, track them in the app or watch them grow in your virtual forest!

Connect with your Sustainability Coach

Get personalised coaching from a sustainability expert, and unlock the next step in your personal journey towards sustainability, for free!

Our experts will help talk you through best practices and help develop customised solutions for your sustainability needs.

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Take Your First Step
Earn Your First Tree!

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