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Drive Sustainability across the entire Value Chain.

Software to Measure, Analyze, Manage & Report
Corporate Sustainability & ESG Performance


ESG Software that Drives 
Opportunities for every Stakeholder


of global asset owners consider ESG factors in their investment decisions.

Source: McKinsey



choose to purchase products or services based on their
“environmental friendliness.”

Source: Capgemini



the revenue growth for brands that scored higher on sustainability relative to the lowest scoring ones.

Source: Bain & Co


ESG Accelerator Platform
Technology for Enterprise-Scale Sustainability

Software tools designed to simplify enterprise sustainability. Measure, analyze, benchmark, improve and disclose a comprehensive set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Leverage a range of sophisticated tools to manage ESG performance across internal company operations as well as the extended corporate value chain. 

ESG Accelerator Platform
Carbon Accounting & Management

The StepChange Carbon Accounting Module provides an end-to-end solution for measuring, analyzing and managing carbon emissions across core business operations and extended value chains, with comprehensive support for all Scope 1-3 categories. Leverage best-in-class internationally recognized methodologies to power reporting, disclosures and target-setting with confidence. 


Effortless Data Ingestion
with seamless integration capabilities to accurately input data across enterprise systems & sources.

Best-in-class Emission Factors
from international databases, across 90,000+ factors to estimate CO2e emissions from corporate activities. 


Comprehensive Carbon Analysis
via region and activity-specific emission factors across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. 

Benchmarking & Heat-mapping
against industry standards, peers, and internal reporting units to drive informed decisions. 


Reduction Roadmaps
that identify high-impact opportunities and generate targeted plans for emissions reduction.

Compliance & Reporting
solutions that automate key processes and provide audit ready disclosures across various frameworks.

Scope 1 Emissions
Direct emissions from your organisations operations.
Scope 2 Emissions
Indirect emissions from purchased electricity & energy
Scope 3 Emissions
All other indirect emissions across the value chain

ESG Accelerator Platform
ESG Compliance & Disclosure

The Stepchange ESG Reporting Module offers a fully featured flexible solution for tech-enabled ESG reporting and disclosure. Minimize overhead costs and optimize for the productivity of your in-house sustainability team by leveraging automated reporting features. Utilize advanced maker-checker mechanisms to ensure data fidelity and quickly and easily generate audit-ready disclosures and reports across a comprehensive set of international and regional standards, while simultaneously maintaining complete control over customizations of both the disclosures and the underlying metrics.


Reporting Competion Status


Reporting Deadline: 12-02-2025


Reporting Competion Status


Reporting Deadline: 18-06-2025


Reporting Competion Status

To Start

Reporting Deadline: 25-09-2025

Quarter 3 Report

Reporting Competion Status


Reporting Deadline: 30-09-2024


Data Quality & Error Flagging
to identify and address data inconsistencies with anomaly detection, maintaining data integrity. 

Audit Trail & Version Control
to track changes made to data over time for improved transparency, maintaining records and auditability.


Role-Based Access
to streamline tasks and approval processes, ensure data security, and restrict access to sensitive information. 

Supply Chain Engagement
tools to facilitate communication and data exchange with internal teams and external vendors, ensuring alignment on ESG goals.


Audit-ready Disclosures
via the automated generation of standardized (or customized) ESG reports that adhere to regulatory requirements.

Proactive Risk Management
via the identification and prioritization of ESG risks based on industry benchmarking and regulatory mandates.

ESG Accelerator Platform
Supply Chain Sustainability

The StepChange Value Chain Sustainability Module leverages best-in-class survey and statistical mechanisms to measure and estimate a variety of key ESG metrics across the entire enterprise supply chain. Unlock hidden value and future-proof your business by setting internal carbon prices, comparing vendor sustainability profiles and managing ESG risks to transition to a more sustainable, transparent and resilient supply chain.


Supplier Assessments 
to evaluate the environmental and social practices of your suppliers and identify risks and opportunities.

Mapping & Traceability

tools to gain a comprehensive and transparent understanding of the value chain and product lifecycle.


Cost Optimization
by identifying opportunities for cost savings through efficient resource utilization and internal carbon pricing.

Vendor Selection 

via the standardization of assessments and sectoral benchmarking tools across multiple metrics.


Value Chain Strategy
to optimize long-term sustainability across upstream and downstream processes.

Regulation & Disclosure
tools that are specific to regional value-chain reporting requirements (e.g. CBAM, BRSR, etc.)


Carbon Emissions




Scope 1

Scope 2

Scope 3

Updated As On: 12-04-2024

An enterprise technology stack with highly secure
On-Prem & Cloud Solutions

Science-Based Tools for Decision-Making 

Our tools leverage the latest scientific research and are developed by a team of ESG experts & sustainability practitioners. The underlying models are data-driven, validated, and aligned with global sustainability standards.

Ecosystem Expertise & Regulatory Guidance

The StepChange team is embedded within an ecosystem of industry, academic & governmental partnerships, allowing us to provide the practical best-in-class guidance required to meet regulations & start your sustainability journey.

Scalable & Customizable Platform

The platform adapts to your organization's existing technology infrastructure and needs. With both cloud and on-prem versions, the ESG Accelerator Platform is designed to maximize flexibility & minimize integration time.

Analyze, Report & Disclose across
International Standards! 







Take Charge of your Corporate Sustainability Goals 

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