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Benchmark the sustainability of your products within days, not months!

StepChange’s Proprietary Simplified Life Cycle Assessment (SLCIA) Tool

Understand the cradle-to-grave life cycle emissions of your product, process or service in a matter of days with our streamlined tools

Generate heat maps and actionable insights to reduce, report & optimize the carbon embodied in your offerings

Benchmark and compare your product environmental footprint with similar products, processes or services

Analyse and compare multiple interventions and run cost-benefit analyses to identify areas of potential innovation and improvement

Generate reports to communicate custom insights and integrate your product portfolio emissions into your company ESG strategy

Leverage best-in-class LCA capabilities to meet regulations and apply for industry certifications 

StepChange’s SLCIA tools help quickly & accurately benchmark the environmental footprint of your business offerings



A simple, accessible and accurate assessment of life cycle emissions for any product, process or service.



Study different intervention scenarios and generate actionable insights to improve product sustainability. Drive emissions reductions and track progress over time.



Specialized visualizations and spreadsheet downloads allow for a detailed analysis of emissions hot-spots



Generate custom reports that help communicate the sustainability of your product and integrate LCA analyses directly into your ESG strategy




A pre-populated library of similar products and services allows for a robust comparison against real-world products & literature estimates. 


StepChange’s SLCIA tool leverages state-of-the-science LCIA factors and is consistent with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14044 standard for life-cycle assessment, as well as the Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard developed by the Green House Gas Protocol.


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