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ESG Accelerator: Simplifying
ESG Management 

A single platform for tracking, analyzing, benchmarking, target-setting, and reporting ESG metrics, built by climate scientists, backed by science-based tools.

Simplify your ESG Management and Reporting Journey

Make Sustainability A Priority With StepChange’s ESG Accelerator Program

Unlock ESG Solutions With
The Power of Science And Technology 


Comprehensive ESG Data Management

  • Gather and transform ESG data from business operations, value chains, and stakeholders while maintaining enterprise-grade security

  • Validate and organize ESG data for seamless analysis and reporting

Setup your organization structure, control access with role-based access

Team Management

  • Setup your organizational structure, control flow of information within teams with role-based access 

  • Establish streamlined data management workflows for efficiency and collaboration


Accurate & Consistent ESG Measurement

  • Create a single source of truth for ESG data across the organization for consistency and accuracy

  • Conduct granular ESG data analysis and drill-down analysis at various levels for deep insights

Using a single source of truth for all data and to conduct granular level data analysis
Implement processes and mechanisms for assurance-ready ESG data and report and maintain documentation of changes

Assurance-Ready ESG Compliance

  • Implement processes and mechanisms for assurance-ready ESG data and reports 

  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of ESG data for external assurance engagements with the 'Vault'


ESG Reporting & Disclosures

  • Generate 100% audit-ready ESG reports that adhere to industry-standard disclosure frameworks across BRSR, TCFD, GRI, IR, SABS, among others

  • Create specific and actionable customized ESG reports to make informed decisions and improve performance.

Generate 100% audit-ready ESG reports that adhere to BRSR, TCFD, GRI, IR, SABS and other standards and frameworks of reporting

Sustainably Empowering The Future

Built By Climate Scientists 


Built by a team of scientists, researchers, technologists, and entrepreneurs with deep expertise in the climate change and sustainability domains


Championing Sustainability

We have ties with major industry bodies and organizations to help organizations accelerate their journey to NetZero

Scientific Decision-Making Tools

The StepChange platform is built on a foundation of credible, peer-reviewed science and international standards

StepChange GreenHouse Gas Protocol
StepChange DEFRA
StepChange IPCC
StepChange EI
StepChange ISO 27001
StepChange ISO 27001:2013
StepChange ISO 27001:2019

Highest levels of information security and privacy

We are committed to providing a robust and secure platform that protects all your data

Take Charge of your Corporate Sustainability Goals

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