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Financed Emissions &
Portfolio Management

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Calculate your Financed Emissions & Make Informed Portfolio
Management Decisions 

Measure your Financed Emissions comprehensively with 100% portfolio coverage across all asset classes (in-line with PCAF & other international Guidelines).

Empower your Credit, Risk & ESG teams to compute, analyze, benchmark, report & influence portfolio emissions at an individual loan-level.

Automate reporting across multiple international standards & integrate portfolio analysis with company-level ESG reports

Design and set informed targets and develop an actionable plan with portfolio-level, asset class-level and sector-level specificity.

Use StepChange to accelerate your Financed Emissions Journey



Assess portfolio emissions generated as a result of investments, lending activities and financial services across asset classes, regions and sectors.



Benchmark your portfolio against global, regional and industry-specific baselines and compare your performance against your peers 




Dissect and analyse financed emissions across financial instruments and services. Understand the implications of your lending decisions.


Set Targets

Set goals, track, model scenarios and align stakeholders based on your emission reduction targets.




Structure emissions estimates in a manner that facilitates dissemination. Report financed emissions, risks and opportunities with confidence.



Drive emissions reduction by asset class, sector and individual loan-level characteristics based on tailored reduction strategies in line with business goals.


StepChange’s suite of Financed Emissions Tools are developed to ensure internal consistency with internationally credible frameworks like the GHG Protocol and the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) 

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Take Charge of your Corporate Sustainability Goals

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