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Introducing StepChange's

ESG Accelerator: Simplifying ESG Management 

StepChange's ESG Accelerator Is a Powerful ESG Software Platform That Empowers Organizations of All Sizes to Measure, Analyze, Report, and Improve Their ESG Metrics.

StepChange's ESG Accelerator Dashboard

Trusted By Leading Organizations

StepChange's ESG Client: SBI
StepChange's client ICICI Bank
StepChange's client - Brigade Group
StepChange's Client - ITC Ltd
StepChange client - Mahindra Lifespaces
StepChange's Clinet - SYRMA SGS
StepChange Client - Zeiss
StepChanges Client - Credit Saison
StepChange's Client - Union Bank

StepChange's ESG Accelerator

StepChange Data Collection

Standardize and automate data collection workflows with 350+ integrations  

StepChange Reduce Compliance Time, one-click reporting

Reduce response time for compliance requirements with data accessibility

StepChange data unification

Data unification across facilities, departments and geographies in one place

StepChange Valult

A 'Vault' to store and retrieve key ESG documents with ease.

StepChange Peer-To-Peer Benchmarking

Peer Benchmarking of core ESG metrics with available data 

StepChange One-Click Reporting - BRSR, GRI, TCFD, IR

Easier reporting on standard frameworks like BRSR, GRI, TCFD, IR and more.

StepChange's ESG Accelerator overview dashboard

Comprehensive Data Management

Purpose-Led Dashboard

Track, analyze, measure, and analyze data across 90,000+ emission factors via 350+ integrations and ensure complete coverage across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions 

StepChange's ESG Accelerator data analytics dashboard

In-Depth Data Analytics

Science-Based Insights

Set science-based targets, track actuals vs targets, and compare with peers from the sector, the nation, and across the globe to identify ways of reducing emissions with data-driven insights

Automated Reporting

Maintain Consistency

Create one-click ESG reports in accordance with globally accepted sustainability standards like GRI, BRSR, TCFD, CDP, and other customized reports 

StepChange's ESG Accelerator reporting dashboard

StepChange's ESG Accelerator: Built For Success

Scientific Decision-Making Tools

The StepChange platform is built on a foundation of credible, peer-reviewed science and international standards

StepChange GreenHouse Gas Protocol
StepChange IPCC
StepChange DEFRA
StepChange EI
StepChange ISO 27001
StepChange ISO 27001:2013
StepChange ISO 27001:2019

Highest levels of information security and privacy

We are committed to providing a robust and secure platform that protects all your data

Meet Your Virtual ESG Team!

Schedule a 60-minute demo with StepChange's Experts

The Demo Will Cover: 

  • Overview Of StepChange's ESG Accelerator

  • Seamless Data Integrations Tailored For Your Organization

  • Easy Data Collection Across Various Formats

  • Comprehensive Emissions Tracking And Analysis

  • Accurate Emissions Calculation Methods

  • Realtime, Customizable Reports And Dashboards 

  • One-Click ESG Reports And Compliance Reports (GRI, TCFD, BRSR, IR etc.)

  • Benchmarking And Performance Tracking

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