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Your One-Stop-Shop for a NetZero Transition

We work with forward-looking companies and brands to accelerate their sustainability journey via a suite of science-based tools and integrated product offerings

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Understand the environmental footprint & emissions profile of your company and products.


Receive tailored emissions reduction insights with quantified impact estimates.


Set science-based targets that are in line with global standards and are linked to your ESG strategy.


Communicate your progress with audit-ready investor-grade sustainability reports.

How it Works

Estimate your footprint, reduce your emissions, report your impact, and achieve your sustainability goals with a one-stop environmental accounting and management platform built by climate scientists and technology experts.

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Why us?

Become an ESG leader with the StepChange advantage!


Access state-of-the-art tools built by climate scientists that calculate your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using region-specific heuristics.

Generate comprehensive ESG reports that are tailored to your sector, needs and sustainability goals.

Compile & publish comprehensive BRSR reports with confidence.

Conduct Product Life-Cycle Impact Assessments in days, with 

implementation-ready strategies for emissions reductions.

Access novel decision-making tools to reduce business emissions, 

decarbonize your operations and future-proof your business from transitional risk.

Make sustainability a part of your organisation's culture and empower your team to achieve your corporate

sustainability goals


Pay for international tools that are not optimised for Indian reporting or emission calculations.

Take months to conduct expensive Life-Cycle Assessments.

Lack confidence in the accuracy of your sustainability reports.

Receive boiler plate 

recommendations that don't help you reduce your emissions.

Lack dedicated tools to set achievable goals and reduce your footprint.

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ESG-related assets account for one in three dollars managed globally.


employees in India expect their employer to pursue a sustainability agenda


consumers in India are willing to pay a premium for sustainability products


top companies are now mandated by SEBI to publish a detailed ESG 

report via BRSR

Leading in ESG is Good for Business

There is an increasing demand from regulators, investors, and consumers for companies to become environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. StepChange helps you deploy rigorous ESG accounting & management tools to meet these demands.

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Identify & Accelerate your path to NetZero Emissions

Use science-based tools with automated data integrations to accelerate your 

sustainability journey.

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