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Join us for this highly informative and interactive webinar focused on BRSR Reporting 

This webinar is designed to guide ESG professionals through the complexities of BRSR reporting, providing you with practical insights and best practices to navigate the sustainability reporting process successfully.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • Characteristics of a Good BRSR Report

    • Understanding what makes a BRSR report effective and impactful

    • Real-life examples of exemplary BRSR reports


  • Writing a Good BRSR Report

    • A guide to what makes for a comprehensive BRSR report

    • Tips for ensuring clarity, conciseness, and accuracy in your report


  • Reviewing and Improving BRSR Reports

    • Best practices for reviewing BRSR reports for accuracy and completeness

    • Identifying areas of improvement and optimization in existing BRSR reports


  • Case Studies and Examples

    • Dive into case studies showcasing successful BRSR reporting

    • Lessons learned from companies with exemplary BRSR reports


  • Q&A Session

    • Ensure all your doubts are addressed by our expert speaker

    • Engage in a discussion about BRSR reporting challenges and solutions

Whether you are new to BRSR reporting or looking to improve your current practices, this webinar is perfect for you. Don't miss this opportunity to take your BRSR reporting to the next level! Register now to secure your spot.​

The Speaker

Ankit Jain | CEO & CoFounder - StepChange

Ankit Jain

Co-founder & CEO, StepChange

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